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Note: Providing Everything You Need

Step 1

Once you signed up with B&P

After you have signed up with our credit repair services ,we will immediately send you a secured link to input your personal information that will allows to dispute these negative items on your behalf.

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Step 2

What we will need to get you started

Once you have submitted your information. We will review your information to make sure everything is correct then we will submit your items for deletion.

Step 3

Beckford and People Dispute Process

The process can take anywhere from 3-6 months or quicker depending on your credit report. We will send you updates every 30days via email or when we see items removed from your profile. (you will see improvements of your credit in the first 30 days).

**All of our services are guaranteed or your money back**

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Step 4

Congratulations on Elevating your credit 

After all services are rendered will send you an update of everything that was removed from your credit profile and can guided you on the next steps on increasing your credit even more.

No Strings. No Stress.

Although we don't think you will want it, we will gladly provide a refund if you request it within 90 days of enrollment. 90-Day Guarantee

"This was the best decision ever. A great success!"
-Emma L.



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